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Google Maps Parking Assistance for the UK!

Google Maps Parking Assistance for the UK! Google Maps will now help you park your car in major UK cities and popular British holiday destinations. New parking mode added for UK showing you how hard it is to find a space – and it’ll even help you find an empty gap in the future.

GOOGLE Maps parking assistance can now tell you how easy it will be to find a parking space at the end of your journey. The app has extended its “Parking Difficulty” function to include parts of the UK and Europe.  Manchester and London are just two of 25 major European locations added to the mode – which previously only worked in the US. Holiday hotspots like Paris, Madrid, Alicante, Prague and Rome are also included in the update.

google maps parking assistance

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The Google Maps Parking Assistance Wonder!

Now UK drivers can plot a route and at the bottom of the screen, a rating will let you know the parking situation from “easy” to “medium” and worst of all “limited”. The clever app uses historical data to track parking and predict what it’ll be like when you arrive. It’s available for both Android and Apple iOS users, too.

At the same time, Google has also rolled out the next generation of the parking assist mode. A new “Find Parking” system is being trialled in 25 major US cities. The function lets you browse streets and car parks near your destination and will give you estimated walking times to your final destination.

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You can select your parking spot and it’ll act as a waypoint on your Google planned journey, switching to walking mode when you park the car. Currently it’s only available for Android in selected US cities – but the “Parking Difficulty” icons started out life this way in January 2017 before being rolled out globally. That means “Find Parking” could be on UK shores by early next year.

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